Why You Should Use Garage Door Lubricant


Noisy garage doors are a common problem in almost all homes. The screeching, groaning and banging sounds can cause you enough stress. The only thing that can save you from these sounds and screeches is a lubricant. If you lubricated your door previously, it wont ever had caused you any trouble related to noise. But its never too late. If an already noisy door is lubed properly, the harsh sounds it was making will reduce gradually. But if you notice that the noise is due to some broken part of your door, then you need to call a professional garage doors.

Lubrication is Key to Garage Door Health

Garage door making noise are actually pointing out that they are in a problem and need a lubricant to treat themselves. Its moving parts i.e. springs, rollers, tracks, hinges and locks needs particular attention once in a month for smooth functioning of the door. Start your lubrication process in this given order.

1. Tracks – Start by cleaning the floor tracks with a cloth to eliminate any dust build-up that may be interfering with your door’s gliding system. Don’t lubricate the tracks.

2. Springs – Clean the springs that does the major job of lifting your garage door. Lubricate them only to an extent that can make them move better. Don’t use too much of lubricant that it just drips down.

3. Rollers – If your rollers bear nylon wheels that make a contact with the track, then remember to lubricate the bearings only. Don’t use lubricant on whole of the rollers as nylon may get affected. Metal rollers don’t require that much carefulness, but make sure to wipe away excess lubricant to prevent it from dripping on the garage floor.

4. Hinges – If your door consists of plastic hinges, don’t try to apply lubricant over them. Instead, lubricate steel hinges at their pivot points. Plastic hinges doesn’t need lubrication as it can result in their break down over time.

5. Locks – If your garage lock is making noise while closing and opening, then apply a drop of lubricant inside the lock where your key is stuck.

Choosing the Right Lubricant

There’s always a confusion regarding which product should be used as a good lubricant. Choose a silicone spray or grease to lubricate moving parts. Aerosols are well-suited to inject into small parts. These sprays don’t attract dust and doesn’t cause any build-up. Using right lubricant can turn your screeching door sounds into melodious tunes. Don’t use a lubricant which has rust-destroying and degrease properties as those lubricant just clean the parts but won’t provide lubrication.

Once you finished lubricating your garage door parts properly, lift it up and close it few times to even out the lubricant distribution on all its moving parts. If still its causing noise, try to determine the door part which is noisy and lubricate it properly. If then also noise isn’t stopping, hire garage door professionals to check out the actual problem.


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