5 Common Garage Door Problems By Garage Door Expert

garage door problems

Any problem whether big or small doesn’t comes up directly. It warns us through various warning signs before transforming into a real problem. The same stands for a garage door. Ignoring the door problems can turn costly for a homeowner. Maintenance is better than repair phrase can be related well here. It’s never considered good to overlook the overhead door issues, but majority of homeowners do this and consequently a small problem grows into a big one demanding for costly repairs or even replacements.

Few hints that may acknowledge a homeowner about the upcoming problems are:

1. Increased electricity bill

A garage door is usually the largest and the heaviest operating mechanism of a home and therefore, it consumes a good amount of energy efficiency. If a garage is engaged in many activities other than usage of door for getting in and out of the vehicles, then a sudden rise in energy bill can be noticed. This increase can be a result of damaged weather strip, lack of insulation, poorly fitted door etc. These issues can be repaired easily at initial stages.

2. Lots of noise

An overhead door is quite big, so it doesn’t sound unusual if it creates some sort of sounds while operating its opening or closing mechanisms. But if the noise is in excess and that too in squirting and screeching manner, then it’s a sure sign indicating something is going wrong and should not be ignored.

It aims at warning the homeowners to maintain the door by applying quality lubricants. The elements such as springs, opener, rollers, etc. should be inspected as there are chances for any of these being the causative agents.

3. Sagging section

A sagging problem might occur with a door that can range from minor to major. If it isn’t properly inclined and any of its section is tilted that may not be fairly noticeable, implies that there is a problem with the torsion spring. An unbalanced overhead door that may not close fully or may not open properly all the way is said to be sagged.

If you notice sagging, inspect if the springs are full of tension. Don’t try any do-it-yourself technique to handle the spring issue and contact a trained garage door professional to get the spring replaced.

4. Door doesn’t open or close

This is a serious problem which needs professional repairs. This problem can be a result of a faulty connection, dead batteries, wiring issues, unplanned reset that can be solved by a professional. Before hiring a garage door company, try some manual techniques including replacing the remote batteries or examining the weather strips for any frost etc that may be retarding the door mechanisms.

5. Irregular movements

Safety is the key concern while operating overhead doors. A shaking or a jerking door typically point towards the loose or broken parts that may force it to shake. A thorough inspection of brackets, rollers and tracks can help in determining if the issue is repairable or any replacement is required.

Inspecting and maintaining an overhead door is quite essential for efficient functioning and for avoiding serious repairs. This were the few hints related to the problem areas of a door that shouldn’t be ignored.

Garage Door Expert Toronto is a leading garage door repair company that offers residential and commercial door installation along with maintenance and repairs services throughout the GTA region.


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