3 Types Of Top Garage Door Materials

Garage doors are the key elements that can improve the curb appeal of a home. Despite their many benefits, they have a major impact on the increasing the home value. A front facing door should always offer beautiful and pleasing looks. Its not good to consider only looks, in-spite the quality of door material has the most of the job to do. Before garage door installation, its necessary to decide the material you would use, as it’s a long term liability.

Some common door materials are:

1. Wood

wood garage doors

Wooden overhead doors are the most expensive and beautiful ones. The charm and authenticity they offer is incomparable. They are the strongest openings and can stand up well in all situations. The only downside that distract homeowners is that, they require regular maintenance and frequent painting or refinishing. Timber doors range from normal to very expensive price, depending upon the wooden frames and quality of wood used. Lightweight and simple designed doors are comparatively cheap compared to durable mahogany, redwood, or cedar materials. These doors have a short warranty period and are more prone to decay due to termite effect.

2. Steel

steel garage doors

Residential garage doors made from metal are better choice than wood. They require less maintenance if used with care. Steel doors are the most commonly installed, as they are relatively inexpensive and tough. The downside to these doors is that they are more prone to both scratches and dents. One can minimize this risk by choosing wider door panels. The other option is to opt for steel doors that have a fiberglass overlay which prevent it from rusts and dents. Fiberglass overhead doors can lose their color with time and natural effects such as sunlight or rain. Therefore, there is need to paint them every year. High quality steel doors have comparatively longer life and greater warranty on hardware.

3. Aluminum

aluminium garage doors

Aluminum doors were once the most popular choice until, they were replaced by rust resistant steel doors. Simple aluminum material is now replaced with sturdy versions of heavy extruded frames and laminated dent resistant panels. These doors are neither expensive nor cheap. If you want to buy a door within good budget, then aluminum doors are for you. Their rugged and rust-proof feature has made them a good material for overhead doors. Inexpensive aluminum doors have frames and panels that are made of polyethylene materials. These doors are lightweight and double layer of aluminum ensure durability.

These were the few garage door materials available in market. Once should never compromise with quality over beauty. Despite choosing for material one should also select door category such as roller door or sliding doors.

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