8 Steps To Replace A Garage Door Safety Sensor

garage door sensor

Safety sensors are one of the essential garage door elements that play a crucial role in preventing accidents or injuries. They are designed to detect the obstructions such as objects, kids or pets that come in the way of door operation. These sensors are located on both sides of the door and works by generating a low voltage beam.

If the sensors are not working properly, the residential overhead door will not operate in a proper manner. Moreover, it won’t back up after detecting an object in its way. Most of the opener and sensor issues are simple and can be solved out easily.

Safety sensor replacement involve two steps:

i) Cleaning and Adjustment

ii) Electric Circuits

Before moving towards the technical part, its advised to perform some easy repairs that may solve the issue.

1. First of all, take a clean cloth and remove the dust and debris from the lens eye. Try to operate the door using a remote, if it’s still facing any difficulty, proceed towards the second step.

2. Loosen up the door nuts that are holding the sensors using adequate tools, to make them move easily.

3. Make necessary adjustments with the sensors, till the circuit eyes turns green. After that, tighten the nuts back in the same place.

4. Use a remote or switch to operate the door mechanism. If its unable to perform properly, there is surely some technical issue.

5. To solve the problem, open up the garage door. Inspect it properly and check whether the green light of the sensor is illuminating. If it doesn’t show up, proceed to the next step.

6. Carefully unplug the power cord attached to an opener. Inspect for any loose wires, if they are there, reattach them tightly. If the lens eye still didn’t illuminate, move to repair further.

7. Inspect the wires attached to the sensors and the door. If you find them faulty, broken or cracked, replace the wiring. Don’t forget to turn off the power supply before replacement.

8. Connect the wiring to the correct terminals and circuit board. Check to see if the photo eye illuminates, if yes, tighten the screws. Turn on the power and operate the door. If the problem persists, contact an overhead door repair professional for proper inspection and repair.

These were the few steps that can help in replacing a faulty safety sensor. Never try to perform any repair, till the electric current in passing through the door.


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