3 Reasons Why Your Overhead Garage Door Needs A Tune Up

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A garage door, no matter residential or commercial is most likely the largest piece of machinery that is operated on the daily basis. They are composed of multiple elements that work in integration to make a door move up and down. Since these installations are quite large, they are heavy too and tends to become faulty with time and usage. Just like all other electronic equipments, residential garage doors require proper maintenance and regular inspection to maintain its performance.

As overhead doors operate at least twice a day throughout the year, their components and hardware elements tend to wear and tear with time. This damage increases the risk for accidents and deteriorates the operating mechanism. To prevent your installation from costly repairs and replacements, its advised to opt for professional garage door tune-up at least twice in a year.

Some reasons to go for overhead door tuning up service:

1. An ill maintained door compromise your garage door and vehicle’s safety

A study reveals that every year thousands of homeowners receive injuries while hundreds of them die, due to sudden falling of these heavy doors. The possible reason for occurrence of accidents is faulty garage door openers and loose sections. In addition, minor injuries such as pinched fingers or toes are common that may be the result of unbalanced door springs. To stay safe, never work or sit near the installation areas. If you notice some unusual sounds or finds that your door is stuck, call garage door repair professionals right away. For those who have electric door openers, get the safety sensors inspected and repaired regularly.

2. Regular tuning up extends the life of a door

Alike frequent maintenance and lubrication is necessary to maintain the door elements, regular tune up is essential for door integrity. It is meant to promote smooth operation and help in increasing the life span of the garage door elements. Moreover, there are some delicate door materials, such as wood and timber that needs more tuning up sessions compared to other materials.

3. Major repair problems can be detected at an early stage

Professional maintenance and inspection can help in early detection of repair signs that can soon turn into costly replacements, if left ignored. With a technician, one can rest assured as he can identify all extensive wear and tear signs, before an element fails or an accident occurs.

These were the few reasons why a garage door needs regular tune-ups.


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