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3 Reasons Why Your Overhead Garage Door Needs A Tune Up

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A garage door, no matter residential or commercial is most likely the largest piece of machinery that is operated on the daily basis. They are composed of multiple elements that work in integration to make a door move up and down. Since these installations are quite large, they are heavy too and tends to become faulty with time and usage. Just like all other electronic equipments, residential garage doors require proper maintenance and regular inspection to maintain its performance.

As overhead doors operate at least twice a day throughout the year, their components and hardware elements tend to wear and tear with time. This damage increases the risk for accidents and deteriorates the operating mechanism. To prevent your installation from costly repairs and replacements, its advised to opt for professional garage door tune-up at least twice in a year.

Some reasons to go for overhead door tuning up service:

1. An ill maintained door compromise your garage door and vehicle’s safety

A study reveals that every year thousands of homeowners receive injuries while hundreds of them die, due to sudden falling of these heavy doors. The possible reason for occurrence of accidents is faulty garage door openers and loose sections. In addition, minor injuries such as pinched fingers or toes are common that may be the result of unbalanced door springs. To stay safe, never work or sit near the installation areas. If you notice some unusual sounds or finds that your door is stuck, call garage door repair professionals right away. For those who have electric door openers, get the safety sensors inspected and repaired regularly.

2. Regular tuning up extends the life of a door

Alike frequent maintenance and lubrication is necessary to maintain the door elements, regular tune up is essential for door integrity. It is meant to promote smooth operation and help in increasing the life span of the garage door elements. Moreover, there are some delicate door materials, such as wood and timber that needs more tuning up sessions compared to other materials.

3. Major repair problems can be detected at an early stage

Professional maintenance and inspection can help in early detection of repair signs that can soon turn into costly replacements, if left ignored. With a technician, one can rest assured as he can identify all extensive wear and tear signs, before an element fails or an accident occurs.

These were the few reasons why a garage door needs regular tune-ups.

Top 4 Reasons to Upgrade an Existing Garage Door


The first thing a person notice when visiting your home is the garage door. Since this opening is quite large, it is easily visible from a distance or even from the street. As a responsible homeowner, its necessary to maintain and upgrade an overhead door to improve its looks and operation.

People often concentrate on renovating the home interiors and forget about the upgrading requirement of a garage. No matter, your residential garage door is operating perfectly or not, it still needs to be upgraded for insulation and efficiency. Moreover, this technique greatly helps in improving the appeals of an old door to turn it into a brand new and attractive one.

Some reasons that compels to upgrade an existing door are:

1. Enhance the curb appeal of a home

Most of the overhead door upgradings are done to enhance the value of a home. Since garage doors face towards the street, they speak about the reputation of a home. By upgrading, one can transform the home looks to a great extent, that too in an effective cost. If you have a limited budget, then think about the new hardware, finishing and painting.

2. Saves money

Upgrading a door by adding windows and insulation features, one can improve the energy efficiency of a garage. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold can affect the valuables stored in the garage. To protect the home essentials, its advised to install a ventilation fan. In case, you are looking for a new installation, opt for insulated roller garage doors as they are energy efficient options.

3. Return on investment (ROI)

Buying a commercial garage door is a big and long term investment. In past times, people usually installed overhead doors for security of a vehicle and therefore, least concentrated on their styles. Nowadays, homeowners believe to install eye catching doors that complement their home interiors. Modern garage doors are quite durable and last for longer, without asking for professional repairs.

4. Improve safety features

Statistics reveal that most of the burglaries and break-ins are achieved through garages. Though all overhead door materials promise strong and durable features, they are easy to hammer and break through. To cope up with this situation, its advised to install garage door locks and security alarm system for peace of mind and relaxed sleep.

Both residential and commercial overhead doors come in variety of designs, styles and colors. These were the few reasons that ask for upgrading an existing door. Brampton Door Expert is a trusted overhead door company that offers quality service for garage door sales, inspection, repair, installation & maintenance for residential and commercial clients at affordable prices.

8 Steps To Replace A Garage Door Safety Sensor

garage door sensor

Safety sensors are one of the essential garage door elements that play a crucial role in preventing accidents or injuries. They are designed to detect the obstructions such as objects, kids or pets that come in the way of door operation. These sensors are located on both sides of the door and works by generating a low voltage beam.

If the sensors are not working properly, the residential overhead door will not operate in a proper manner. Moreover, it won’t back up after detecting an object in its way. Most of the opener and sensor issues are simple and can be solved out easily.

Safety sensor replacement involve two steps:

i) Cleaning and Adjustment

ii) Electric Circuits

Before moving towards the technical part, its advised to perform some easy repairs that may solve the issue.

1. First of all, take a clean cloth and remove the dust and debris from the lens eye. Try to operate the door using a remote, if it’s still facing any difficulty, proceed towards the second step.

2. Loosen up the door nuts that are holding the sensors using adequate tools, to make them move easily.

3. Make necessary adjustments with the sensors, till the circuit eyes turns green. After that, tighten the nuts back in the same place.

4. Use a remote or switch to operate the door mechanism. If its unable to perform properly, there is surely some technical issue.

5. To solve the problem, open up the garage door. Inspect it properly and check whether the green light of the sensor is illuminating. If it doesn’t show up, proceed to the next step.

6. Carefully unplug the power cord attached to an opener. Inspect for any loose wires, if they are there, reattach them tightly. If the lens eye still didn’t illuminate, move to repair further.

7. Inspect the wires attached to the sensors and the door. If you find them faulty, broken or cracked, replace the wiring. Don’t forget to turn off the power supply before replacement.

8. Connect the wiring to the correct terminals and circuit board. Check to see if the photo eye illuminates, if yes, tighten the screws. Turn on the power and operate the door. If the problem persists, contact an overhead door repair professional for proper inspection and repair.

These were the few steps that can help in replacing a faulty safety sensor. Never try to perform any repair, till the electric current in passing through the door.

3 Types Of Top Garage Door Materials

Garage doors are the key elements that can improve the curb appeal of a home. Despite their many benefits, they have a major impact on the increasing the home value. A front facing door should always offer beautiful and pleasing looks. Its not good to consider only looks, in-spite the quality of door material has the most of the job to do. Before garage door installation, its necessary to decide the material you would use, as it’s a long term liability.

Some common door materials are:

1. Wood

wood garage doors

Wooden overhead doors are the most expensive and beautiful ones. The charm and authenticity they offer is incomparable. They are the strongest openings and can stand up well in all situations. The only downside that distract homeowners is that, they require regular maintenance and frequent painting or refinishing. Timber doors range from normal to very expensive price, depending upon the wooden frames and quality of wood used. Lightweight and simple designed doors are comparatively cheap compared to durable mahogany, redwood, or cedar materials. These doors have a short warranty period and are more prone to decay due to termite effect.

2. Steel

steel garage doors

Residential garage doors made from metal are better choice than wood. They require less maintenance if used with care. Steel doors are the most commonly installed, as they are relatively inexpensive and tough. The downside to these doors is that they are more prone to both scratches and dents. One can minimize this risk by choosing wider door panels. The other option is to opt for steel doors that have a fiberglass overlay which prevent it from rusts and dents. Fiberglass overhead doors can lose their color with time and natural effects such as sunlight or rain. Therefore, there is need to paint them every year. High quality steel doors have comparatively longer life and greater warranty on hardware.

3. Aluminum

aluminium garage doors

Aluminum doors were once the most popular choice until, they were replaced by rust resistant steel doors. Simple aluminum material is now replaced with sturdy versions of heavy extruded frames and laminated dent resistant panels. These doors are neither expensive nor cheap. If you want to buy a door within good budget, then aluminum doors are for you. Their rugged and rust-proof feature has made them a good material for overhead doors. Inexpensive aluminum doors have frames and panels that are made of polyethylene materials. These doors are lightweight and double layer of aluminum ensure durability.

These were the few garage door materials available in market. Once should never compromise with quality over beauty. Despite choosing for material one should also select door category such as roller door or sliding doors.

Door Expert in Toronto is a leading company that offers a full range of garage door installation, repair, maintenance and replacement solutions for both residential and commercial needs at affordable costs.

5 Common Garage Door Problems By Garage Door Expert

garage door problems

Any problem whether big or small doesn’t comes up directly. It warns us through various warning signs before transforming into a real problem. The same stands for a garage door. Ignoring the door problems can turn costly for a homeowner. Maintenance is better than repair phrase can be related well here. It’s never considered good to overlook the overhead door issues, but majority of homeowners do this and consequently a small problem grows into a big one demanding for costly repairs or even replacements.

Few hints that may acknowledge a homeowner about the upcoming problems are:

1. Increased electricity bill

A garage door is usually the largest and the heaviest operating mechanism of a home and therefore, it consumes a good amount of energy efficiency. If a garage is engaged in many activities other than usage of door for getting in and out of the vehicles, then a sudden rise in energy bill can be noticed. This increase can be a result of damaged weather strip, lack of insulation, poorly fitted door etc. These issues can be repaired easily at initial stages.

2. Lots of noise

An overhead door is quite big, so it doesn’t sound unusual if it creates some sort of sounds while operating its opening or closing mechanisms. But if the noise is in excess and that too in squirting and screeching manner, then it’s a sure sign indicating something is going wrong and should not be ignored.

It aims at warning the homeowners to maintain the door by applying quality lubricants. The elements such as springs, opener, rollers, etc. should be inspected as there are chances for any of these being the causative agents.

3. Sagging section

A sagging problem might occur with a door that can range from minor to major. If it isn’t properly inclined and any of its section is tilted that may not be fairly noticeable, implies that there is a problem with the torsion spring. An unbalanced overhead door that may not close fully or may not open properly all the way is said to be sagged.

If you notice sagging, inspect if the springs are full of tension. Don’t try any do-it-yourself technique to handle the spring issue and contact a trained garage door professional to get the spring replaced.

4. Door doesn’t open or close

This is a serious problem which needs professional repairs. This problem can be a result of a faulty connection, dead batteries, wiring issues, unplanned reset that can be solved by a professional. Before hiring a garage door company, try some manual techniques including replacing the remote batteries or examining the weather strips for any frost etc that may be retarding the door mechanisms.

5. Irregular movements

Safety is the key concern while operating overhead doors. A shaking or a jerking door typically point towards the loose or broken parts that may force it to shake. A thorough inspection of brackets, rollers and tracks can help in determining if the issue is repairable or any replacement is required.

Inspecting and maintaining an overhead door is quite essential for efficient functioning and for avoiding serious repairs. This were the few hints related to the problem areas of a door that shouldn’t be ignored.

Garage Door Expert Toronto is a leading garage door repair company that offers residential and commercial door installation along with maintenance and repairs services throughout the GTA region.

Why You Should Use Garage Door Lubricant


Noisy garage doors are a common problem in almost all homes. The screeching, groaning and banging sounds can cause you enough stress. The only thing that can save you from these sounds and screeches is a lubricant. If you lubricated your door previously, it wont ever had caused you any trouble related to noise. But its never too late. If an already noisy door is lubed properly, the harsh sounds it was making will reduce gradually. But if you notice that the noise is due to some broken part of your door, then you need to call a professional garage doors.

Lubrication is Key to Garage Door Health

Garage door making noise are actually pointing out that they are in a problem and need a lubricant to treat themselves. Its moving parts i.e. springs, rollers, tracks, hinges and locks needs particular attention once in a month for smooth functioning of the door. Start your lubrication process in this given order.

1. Tracks – Start by cleaning the floor tracks with a cloth to eliminate any dust build-up that may be interfering with your door’s gliding system. Don’t lubricate the tracks.

2. Springs – Clean the springs that does the major job of lifting your garage door. Lubricate them only to an extent that can make them move better. Don’t use too much of lubricant that it just drips down.

3. Rollers – If your rollers bear nylon wheels that make a contact with the track, then remember to lubricate the bearings only. Don’t use lubricant on whole of the rollers as nylon may get affected. Metal rollers don’t require that much carefulness, but make sure to wipe away excess lubricant to prevent it from dripping on the garage floor.

4. Hinges – If your door consists of plastic hinges, don’t try to apply lubricant over them. Instead, lubricate steel hinges at their pivot points. Plastic hinges doesn’t need lubrication as it can result in their break down over time.

5. Locks – If your garage lock is making noise while closing and opening, then apply a drop of lubricant inside the lock where your key is stuck.

Choosing the Right Lubricant

There’s always a confusion regarding which product should be used as a good lubricant. Choose a silicone spray or grease to lubricate moving parts. Aerosols are well-suited to inject into small parts. These sprays don’t attract dust and doesn’t cause any build-up. Using right lubricant can turn your screeching door sounds into melodious tunes. Don’t use a lubricant which has rust-destroying and degrease properties as those lubricant just clean the parts but won’t provide lubrication.

Once you finished lubricating your garage door parts properly, lift it up and close it few times to even out the lubricant distribution on all its moving parts. If still its causing noise, try to determine the door part which is noisy and lubricate it properly. If then also noise isn’t stopping, hire garage door professionals to check out the actual problem.

Why you Need to Replace your Garage Door

It happens to many homeowners that their garage doors suddenly stop working or does not open and close properly. This has happened due to mechanical problems. To fix this problem you need a professional, but sometimes it can be irreparable. If you live in a severe geographical location and your garage door may damage due to heavy snowfall or hail storm, in such situations you need to replace your garage door with a new one instead of repairing. Because security comes first.
Your garage door is a key part of your house and maintenance of the door is very important. Replacing your old garage door with a new one can completely change the appearance of your house and garage.
According to Door Expert Mississauga garage door professionals, there are many reasons to replace your overhead door. 
1. Enhance the value of your house: Curb appeal is an extremely important factor in your house when you consider about the value of your house. An overhead door and exterior of your house are the main things people see before walking in your house. Replacing an old door with a new one can boost the curb appeal of your property.
2. Lower your cooling and heating bills: If you have fifteen to twenty years old garage doors, may be you don’t have an insulated door. Modern garage doors are totally insulated, which helps to mitigate the electricity bill in every season. An insulated door helps to keep your garage cool in the summer season and warm during the winter season. 
3. Raise the level of security and safety: New garage doors are automatic and comes with photo eye. A photo eye is a safety sensor and it protects pets and kids from any accident or injury. 
4. Reduce maintenance and repair: If you are thinking about to repair your old garage door, you may make a big mistake. Repair and maintenance of old door can be costly instead of replacement. Installing a new automatic overhead door can mitigate the total chances of maintenance, repair and also save your time and bucks.  
5. Safe storage: A new garage door with various security and safety features helps you to protect your belongings from intruders and thieves. Most of the people use a garage to store their unwanted valuables and other extra personal items. If you have a poorly insulated garage door, your belongings can suffer damage from the bad weather condition. By installing an insulated door, you can protect your valuables.

Installing a new garage door is a cost effective and the smartest way to increase the value of your house. Safety, security, noise reduction, lower insurance premium and energy efficiency are some important benefits of changing your old overhead door.


How to Choose The Right Color for your Garage Door


There are numerous things that enhance the curb appeal of your house and garage door is one of them. The outdoor area of your house needs some beautiful and good looking colors. Because exterior helps you to make a good impression on your visitors. You cannot choose boring or white color, when it comes about your garage door.

Having a garage is great, but having a garage door with the right paint is a very daunting task. Most of the homeowners use loud colors to get the attention of others. It is not a good idea. Here are some colorful tips that help you to choose the right color for your garage door.

  • Material type: There are so many things to consider before painting your garage door. The material of garage door will affect your color choice. If you installed a new door, make sure you ask a representative regarding paint. Though, a steel garage door is very easy to paint. But if you have a wooden door, you can mix paint shades and you them.
  • Consider the color of your home: When you decide a color for your door, make sure you consider the outdoor color of your house. If you used a dark color to the outdoor look, use some warmer shades like red or mahogany. It gives you a complementary look.
  • Always test first: It is very hard to decide which color suits your garage door very well and look good. It is highly advisable that you paint a large piece of plywood and see it how it looks. Is it good for your garage door or is it match with your exterior look. If so, you can go with it.
  • Head to the paint showroom: If you want a real feel for the style and color of your garage door that you are choosing, it is recommended by experts that visit the showroom. They show you some sample of paint and you can choose any one of them, according to your house exterior and garage door material.

If you are fed up with your old white or gray garage door and confuse to choose the right color for your door, don’t panic. There are an array of colors available and our professionals assist you with the right information. If you are confused and want a professional assistance, then click here.

Five Essential Tips to Keep Your Garage Door in Tip Top Shape


To keep your garage door in tip top and great shape, it requires regular and proper maintenance. You should have one thing keep in mind that with the proper maintenance you can provide a great shape and long life to your garage door. It is advisable that you hire a professional for monthly or yearly inspection. The condition of your garage door can show that how you care of it.

Your few minutes of inspection can increase the lifespan of your garage door. So, what are you waiting for? Make monthly inspection and enhance the curb appeal of your house as well as garage door. To avoid expensive repair and replacement, it is advisable that you have believed in a regular inspection and maintenance.

Toronto Garage Door Expert share some important tips that help you to keep your garage door in great and tip top shape.

  1. Analysis the door: Analysis your garage door and look for any wear and tear sign. Check if there is any torsion spring, cable, roller or other part. Make sure all the parts are tightly bolted in the right place. Any shaking part can cause the door to come out of adjustment. In order to safety and security, leave your door problems for the professional.
  2. Proper lubrication: Lubricating the moving parts of the door is very important. The parts can be jammed, if you don’t lubricate them on time. If you have a plastic door roller and plastic idler bearings, don’t need lubrication. Lubricate hinges, wheels, rollers, track and spring with wax or household oil properly. Lubricate them at least twice a year.
  3. Clean: Your door can stuck due to dust or debris. If you don’t clean your garage door on regularly basis, indirectly you are putting your garage door in high risk. So many problems can occur due to dust and other outsource pollution particles. To remove dust and debris from the track of the door, use warm water and mild detergent. It helps to keep the door clean and pollution free.
  4. Inspection by experienced technician: This is one of the easiest ways to keep the door in tip top shape. This is the general inspection, which is possible by adept technician. You can do this on your own. But if you don’t have enough time and not able to examine your door, hire a professional.
  5. Adjust electric opener: Your garage door not working properly, it means there is a problem with your opener. There is no doubt that you use the opener to open and close the door. With the passing of time, may be any problem can occur. So, if you see any problem in opening and closing the door, check the door opener.

When the question arises about the maintenance of garage door, there are many things you can do on your own and these things are mentioned above.

Five Garage Door Issues you should not Fix on Your Own


Garage door break down some times. Whether you have it on your home or business, you should have it repair by licensed repairman. If you try to fix the issue on your own with the right tool, you could cause more damage or may be making the situation worse by doing wrong things with wrong tools. Some minor repair and replacement can be possible by yourself but for major repair you need a professional. To prevent any accident, it is the best to hire an experienced and licensed repairman. Let’s take one look on that problems which are not possible on your own. Garage door repair service in Toronto is capable to handle any major issue of your garage door.

1. Panel replacement: Replace one or more panel is not a game of kids. Just because of safety hazards, you should left this task on professionals. A professional determine the problem for you why your garage door panel became damaged. He will also be able to tell you few tips on how to avoid having this problem in future.

2. Spring replacement: Your garage door will not functioning properly if it has one or more than one broken spring. You might be frustrated due to broken spring problem and may be try to fix it on your own. But, without proper knowledge, tools and training, you can’t fix it. To reduce the risk of any major accident, a professional is the right choice for this job.

3. Roller replacement: This is very common problem and most of the people face garage door roller bent or break problem. Replacement of wear out or bent roller is one and only way to keep your garage door keep proper functional and safe. If you are not expert in roller replacement, don’t try to do this yourself.

4. Replace broken cables: It is very important to keep cables in tip top shape for proper garage door function. These cables are in lot of pressure from your heavy garage door and it can be very dangerous to fix them yourself. Repairing of these cables require a professional garage door repairman who will be able to fix this problem.

5. Bent track: A track allow your garage door to open and close properly. If this track is broken or damaged due to any reason, your garage door will not open and close as it should. Make sure bent track problem fix with safe manner by professional repairman. You will be happy that a licensed repairman fix this problem without any further damage.

Whenever you face any minor or major garage door problem, for repair or replacement it is usually safer to hire garage door professionals. It will not only save your time, it also ensure that the work will done in safe manners by them.